METALLIC Ink Fluid Art! New Pouring Experiment - Dirty Dendrite Test!

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METALLIC Ink Fluid Art! New Pouring Experiment - Dirty Dendrite Test!
I've been waiting to try the Dirty Dendrite Technique with Metallic Inks for a while now.
I had my hopes so high, dreaming of Golden Dendrites and Copper Trees!
What a letdown, my heart sunk when it didn't work.
The pigments in the Metallic Inks are just to heavy for the alcohol to push.
I'm not giving up on Acrylic Pouring Golden Dendrite Suns! But I'm gonna have to put my thinking cap on to figure this out!

Supplies used:
Acrylic Pouring paints - Global High Flow Acrylics - Whitsundays and Turquoise. Mixed.
Pouring Medium - Holcroft Pouring Medium.
Spot On - 100% Silicone
Isopropyl Alcohol 99.7%
Indian Inks:
Metallic Gold
Metallic Copper
Metallic Rose

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